Wednesday, December 1, 2021

I Opened 100 PACKS of Pokemon Celebrations! (INSANE PULLS!)

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Celebrating the launch of the new Pokemon Celebrations set! 10 ETBS, 100 Pack opening!
Will we get the Gold Star Umbreon, Charizard and more? Let’s dive in!
Enter our contest to Pack Battle me!

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Opening 100 Packs of Pokemon Celebrations, the newest TCG set commemorating 25 Years of Pokemon TCG awesomeness! The cards I was hoping for most was definitely the gold star Shiny Umbreon, the Starter Trio and the Birthday Pikachu! I hope you enjoy our opening of Pokemon TCG Celebrations!

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A SHINY ERROR BOX of Pokemon Cards that’ll BLOW YOUR MIND.

WE ACTUALLY GOT THE CHARIZARD!? Vintage Pokemon Stormfront Opening!

DID WE GET A 10?! Vintage Dragon Frontier + Neo Genesis Pokemon Card Opening!

I Pulled my #1 Pokemon CHASE CARD of ALL TIME!

The FIRST GUESS THAT GRADE! Vintage Pokemon Cards Opening!

My Amazing TCG Openings Playlist!

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