Saturday, October 16, 2021

WE ACTUALLY GOT THE CHARIZARD!? Vintage Pokemon Stormfront Opening!

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Opening the Vintage DP Stormfront Booster box and finding THE Charizard!
A handful of LvX cards, Shiny Pokemon and much more! An amazing event!
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Opening a Diamond and Pearl Stormfront box and finding the Secret Rare Charizard which was an incredible pull! I can’t believe we got this and on JayVDs first ever break! Talk about an epic moment they won’t forget!

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DID WE GET A 10?! Vintage Dragon Frontier + Neo Genesis Pokemon Card Opening!

I Pulled my #1 Pokemon CHASE CARD of ALL TIME!

The FIRST GUESS THAT GRADE! Vintage Pokemon Cards Opening!

We Opened the Original BASE SET POKEMON Booster Box! (INSANE OPENING)

WE PULLED IT! Amazing Pokemon Neo Genesis Vintage Opening!

My Amazing TCG Openings Playlist!

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All the people in the Stormfront Break!


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